Other Services

One to One sessions

We offer one to one sessions at home to people living in Sneinton, St Anne's or Carlton. These sessions are suitable either for dogs that have aggression or reactivity issues or for disabled dog owners. Each 1-2-1 session is tailored to the exact needs of the dog and handler. Within 72hours of each session you're sent a personalised homework plan. 

One to one sessions cost £25 for the first session then £20 for all following sessions.

Agility Classes

Agility classes are pay as you go classes which are suitable for all physically fit dogs of all ages and abilities. Dogs under 1 will not be able to participate in jumps but can do all other obstacles. The agility class consists of warm up, practicing specific obstacles, practicing a course and then finish with a quick cool down. 

Agility classes are 30 minutes sessions that run the last Friday of each month at 8pm and cost £5 per session.