Obedience Courses

We offer two obedience courses - our confident courses and our cautious courses. Which course is suitable for you and your dog will depend on your dog's age and temperament. Please read to information below to help you chose the perfect course for you. If you're unsure then please don't hesitate to email at enquiries@positive-pups.com for advice. To book a place on an upcoming course please submit the booking form on the 'contact us' page.  

Confident Course

Our confident obedience course is perfect for bubbly and excitable dogs. This course focuses on teaching your dog to redirect their energy onto you instead of the environment. The majority of exercises are play focused - this means we use high energy games to train desirable behaviours. Some exercises on this course are taught on long lines and off leash so it is vital that any dog joining this course are very playful and will not show any aggression when playing with other high energy dogs. 

In this course we aim to teach your dog to generally focus more on you and be more generally obedience with special emphasis on leash walking, impulse control and recall. 

Our next confident course begins on the 23rd of February at 7pm at Bakersfield Community Centre. The course costs £60 total. 

Cautious Course

Our cautious obedience course is perfect for dogs who are low energy, quieter, older, are less confident, have had minimal socialisation as well as puppies under 6 months old. This course is a quieter course with fewer class participants. We don't allow the dogs off leash together in this course however we do occasionally use long lines. 

In this course we aim to improve your dog's overall confidence and general obedience. Each class is focused on a behavioural category or training method such as socialisation, luring and impulse control. At the end of each class you'll be provided with a homework sheet with exercises for you to do at home. 

Our next confident course begins on the 23rd of February at 6pm at Bakersfield Community Centre. The course costs £60 total.