Welcome to Positive Pups
We provide unique positive reinforcement 6 week obedience courses and monthly agility classes.
Our obedience courses are unique. You select your dogs' course dependant on their (and to some extent your) personality. We run an obedience course for confident dogs - those high energy, ultra playful dogs.

We run a separate course for cautious dogs which is for dogs who either lack confidence, are low energy or who haven't been socialised. We highly recommend puppies under 6 months do our cautious course as the bubbly dogs in the confident course can be too intense for puppies and the course content in the cautious course is more relevant to young puppies. However, if your dog is under 6months and you think the confident course is more suitable for them you may attend that course. 

Our 30minute agility classes run monthly on the last Friday of each month at 8pm.